“See its like good and evil. They exist together in their little game, each with its special place and special humors. I dig ‘em both. What is life but being conscious? And good and evil are manifestations of consciousness. If you reject one, you’re not getting the whole thing that’s there to be had. So I had a good time last night. Getting in trouble can be a trip too.”

-Good ol’ Jer-bear


"I dive in at the deep end, she become my best friend"
Best show I’ve seen in my life. Shivers on the spine with every song.

Parked for the night

Pamukkale, Turkey

And I know that we will be together. I have no doubts. I know that I will hold you and kiss your sweet lips again. I know that we will lie together, under the stars, outside Lochlaven again. I know that you will be angry with me again. I know that you will be frustrated with me again. But I know that I love you. And that won’t change. We can try to run away from it or smother it or ignore it, but you are the one. The further away from you I get, the more the idea enters clarity. You are her. Everything about you is. And my feelings won’t subside. They will move and shift and change shapes, but they will not cease. I have no doubts. Whether it be a year, or 20 years, we will be together.

"in my mind, I am, in your arms"